• Adventures of the Animals - Nursel Sokolowsky

Kitap Adı        :           Adventures of the Animals

Yayınevi         :           KİTAP DOSTU YAYINLARI

Yazar               :           Nursel Sokolowsky

Sayfa Sayısı    :           48

Basım Tarihi    :           01.07.2018

Baskı               :           1

Dil                   :           TÜRKÇE

Kapak              :           KARTON

Kağıt               :           110 GRAM KUŞE.

Ebat                 :           13,5 CM X 19,5 CM

Teknik Hazırlık:          http://www.hititgrafik.com

Yayın Türü      :           Çocuk/Kids

Barkodu          :           978-605-4409-73-0

ISBN               :           978-605-4409-73-0

Dağıtım           :           www.kitapdostu.com

Fiyatı               :           10 TL





AÇIKLAMA     :  

Adventures of Animals is a guide for children. Children will learn friendship, benevolence, generosity, and kindness thanks to animals. The unique stories in this book will help children to go on a journey to the unique world of animals while at the same time to help them to improve their cognitive development. Each animal gives the children lessons in different ways and ensures that your unique children learn beautiful feelings from each animal story. Thanks to these cute animals we can learn about family love, friendship ties, winning victories, working hard for our aims and the importance of helping. In every story where different animals are involved, different themes are handled, and all of them contain valuable life lessons for children.


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Adventures of the Animals - Nursel Sokolowsky

  • 10,00TL

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